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洛杉矶湖人(Los Angeles Lakers)看球的粉丝:那刹那自己感到有一点点平平无奇,可是真正充裕令人印象浓重。

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That’s Russ in a nutshell. He knows what he should do he even tries the right things often his old habits just always outweigh them. Still my guy wherever he goes.

雷霆120-111制服波特兰开拓者队(Portland Trail Blazers),George47分十三篮板十二个助攻,威斯布鲁克21分15个篮板十一助攻,Lillard31分7篮板6助攻。


this offseason is legit insane



[–]Pacers XcSDeadDeer 22 points 7 hours ago

At least Wilt's 20,000 all-time record is safe.



The only time I've seen Russ happier than getting a triple double is watching his teammate get one.

This just feels normal at this point but it’s super impressive

[–]Thunder fryseyes 18 points 7 hours ago


The triple triple double

Xinjiang is ready.


Magic. Oscar. IT. Nash. CP3. Steph. Kidd. Payton. Iverson.

And Presti is the GOAT of drafting. thunder going to be scary good in the next 5 years.

I am so upset that he didn't get 50

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How many players have had 20/10/10 seasons? 2 players (Robertson, Westbrook) and 3 seasons between them.



猛龙队观球的观众:大家都说肆双是贰个未有用的才具指标,不过是一个自便的数码而已,确实他们说的没啥难题,20 10 10和20 9.5 9.5异样相当的小,确实差不太多,不过是82场较量少得了肆十四个篮板和四十四个助攻而已。

Golden state D'Lo for Westbrook!

Paul George is amazing. Hats off to OKC man, they are gonna be tough in the playoffs.

[–]Rocketscbs1507 54 points 13 hours ago

Only matter of time. They’ll work together. All these people saying he’s gonna get traded to a rebuilding team are dumb as shit.

really unprecedented rise, can't remember an already all star level player in his 7 season suddenly getting this good

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Kinda sad if it happens but OKC needs to rebuild

He's averaging 29ppg now! Playing great defense and his squad is half a game back of the 2nd seed. He is most definitely a MVP candidate

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[–][DET] Michael Curry MintyFreshBreathYo 18 points 9 hours ago

Wilt lost a record? Russ on a whole new level.

印第安纳步行者队(Indiana Pacers)观球的观众:所以她着实超越Jordan加自身的记录四遍嘛?

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We have good young guards and these idiots think he will pay Westbrook 47m at the age of 34 lmao

[–]PacersXcSDeadDeer 16 points 7 hours ago

So really he passed Jordan once and his co-record twice.

迈阿密热火(Miami Heat)看球的客官:可别疑心莱利的操作技能。


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yall dont even think before you post you just say dumb shit

[–]Bucksamak316 43 points 6 hours ago

At least he's shooting less this year, which has really benefited the Thunder.

No joke I’m an immediate Pistons fan if that happens.


lol, I remember when Jordan was on that streak (I think Doug Collins was trying him at PG IIRC?) and it was absolutely mind-blowing at the time.

[–]Warriors Duvangrgata1 118 points 9 hours ago

Harden is a fucking bitch. A bitch who can destroy your team despite you doubling him all fucking game.

Debatable. He's probably top 10 already. Definitely not top 5 though.



How about 20/8/8 (20% reduction)? Now the list starts to expand. We get 6 players total and 12 seasons. Joining Westbrook and Robertson are: Michael Jordan , Wilt Chamberlain , James Harden , and LeBron James (2 seasons). Magic Johnson has two seasons which almost qualify, one 20/8/8 season where he only played 37 games and a second season where he played 77 but was 9 rebounds short on averaging 8 for the season. Bad luck, Magic.

[–]Thunder AirJohnston 121 points 7 hours ago


Russell Westbrook got his 8th straight triple double last night. Passing Michael Jordan for longest triple double streak in 51 years.

[–]PretentiousPoster 47 points 8 hours ago

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Hope he joins an eastern team

[–][DAL] Dirk NowitzkiBrookPA 760 points 9 hours ago

And not even an all-star starter ...

Heart Attack? Maybe that will force D'Antoni to retire and the Rockets will finally get a coach who can make adjustments in a playoff series

[–]Thunderbleev 271 points 9 hours ago

So, to conclude, even by dropping the statistical requirements by 20% (and 25% for points) we see that only 6 other players have managed to achieve anything close to what Westbrook is doing and 5/6 are all-time greats while the 6th is a 6'10" PG whose career is just getting started. Basically, averaging a season of 20/8/8 is one of the hardest things to do in basketball and any player who manages it (or even gets close) is probably a generational talent.

What a bunch of morons suggesting this lmao, he doesn't fit at all


He's actually going to pass Magic in triple doubles this season. How the fuck.

Morey/D'ANtoni would have a heart attack with Westbrook playing for them

All to russ lol. Multiple

于是有个别许人单赛季能拿20 10 10?一球员(罗Bert森、威斯Brooke)以至连接四个赛季,让我们把标准裁减一成,有稍许人获得20 9 9?仍然为一个球员,可是总共有四个赛季了(有几个是罗Bert森了),所以Westbrook的做到保住一成。


[–][UTA] John StocktonThehealeroftri 91 points 6 hours ago

Let's reduce rebs/assists by 10%. How many players have had 20/9/9 seasons? Still only 2 players, but now it's 6 total seasons (4 for Robertson). Wow, so far Westbrook's achievements are holding up.


[–]Maverickssaltywings 108 points 8 hours ago

Russ is a top 5-7 PG ever change my mind

His issue is BBIQ and making adjustments



They thought they would be watching from the sidelines during the Kawhi saga


[–][WAS] Moses Maloneburnerfret 262 points 15 hours ago

Don't doubt Riley.


Let's do one more: 15/8/8. Even by dropping the points requirement by a full 25% we only add a single player and season: Ben Simmons' rookie year. EDIT: I forgot to mention that Magic Johnson's '81-'82 season also qualifies here.


[–]Thunder BandwagonIMdwwad 144 points 9 hours ago

洛杉矶湖人看球的客官:命中率41 24 64也太烂了啊,除了四双也没其余了……

七18个人球迷:小编就这样说了,圣Antonio马刺队(San Antonio Spurs)、活塞队和热乎乎,三选风流倜傥、






I think once the initial shock of all of this wears off, your fanbase will realize that you are better off in the long run. Y'all have way more directions to go in now.

[–]ThunderKhalems 175 points 9 hours ago

[–]ThunderAedanwolfe 199 points 13 hours ago

Knicks should trade for him

True, but I guess 28 is considered late when people are calling 20-year olds like Lonzo busts


[–]Warriors Talic 19 points 8 hours ago

[–][OKC] Paul GeorgeDeadDay 93 points 9 hours ago

铁汉观球的观众:笔者住在湾区,笔者和自己的还要及时在National Basketball Association的商家里探究未来的MVP,当大家商酌到西边史上最好大Westbrook的时候,他来了一句,“兄弟,他着实是个数据创建者,”“你发觉他曾经三回九转第八个赛季场均三双了呗?”不常那多少你也的确不晓得咋来的,然则除却大胡子,好像没人能获得她四分之二的四双数据。

We are used to instant devastation. Tornadoes, bombs...its in the blood.

[–]ThatMoKid 213 points 9 hours ago

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[–]Nuggets loplopplop 130 points 8 hours ago


[–]ThunderH_Town_Baby 361 points 12 hours ago

What shocks me is that if PG HADN'T asked for a trade, they were prepared to run it back with the same roster and coach next year for another 1st round exit. WB and PG are 100% in the right to not want to be playing for such a shitty FO

OKC could end up having had 4 of the last 6 MVPs without a title.



奇才观球的观众:打破Chamberlain的笔录可有的时候见哦,那太不敢相信 无法相信了。

让数据减低到15 8 8,那份名单也只可以加入一球员而且贰个赛季,本-Symons的新锐赛季。

He waved bye and just like that everything changed


[–]WhileFalseRepeat 681 points 16 hours ago

[–]Thunder HolyRicardoiGuess 37 points 6 hours ago

And some people say he isn't even in the race.


[–]76ers i_love_wawa_ 409 points 10 hours ago

[–]ThunderBleekster 156 points 9 hours ago

So I think the best way to look at Westbrook's statistical achievements is to lower the bar by about 20% and see how many other players have managed to leap over it. If it's a lot of players, then it's arguable that Westbrook is being overrated because "triple-double" sounds good. If he stands mostly alone, then he's rightly viewed as one of the most impressive players ever.



[–][BOS] Marcus SmartIdEgoLeBron 117 points 11 hours ago

I mean, hopefully he's practicing his three-point shot right now. At least free-throws.

It would be an absolute disgrace if PG13 wasn’t top 3 in MVP voting at the end of the season




Smh dude is stat padding historical seasons, why are we even acting like it’s impressive

[–]Celtics houseshoes93 731 points 9 hours ago

[–]Wizardseatapenny 724 points 8 hours ago

[–]Thundera_weak_child 53 points 12 hours ago


Paul George went the fuck off


Just like every Kawhi has a Dennis

Well it's hard not to look like a bust when Jayson Tatum is literally a zygote



[–]MavericksVictorAkwaowo1 170 points 9 hours ago

Harden had 4 to Russ's 21 last year, and he has 6 to Russ's 25 this year. Let's be real, Harden is one of the most talented players in the NBA, and he can barely manage 1/5th of Russ's.



People are acting like this is normal or something these days. Give this man RESPECT.


[–]jonsnowKITN 431 points 9 hours ago

所以总计一下,即便把那几个数量生龙活虎降再降,大家都得以见见也唯有六名球员获得了和Westbrook相近的成绩,而且当中壹人只是个主力,他的职业生涯可是刚刚初步,所以说基本20 8 8都以篮球运动中特别难完结的事务,任何一个能完成这几个数目都是一代天才。

He gone

Russ with his 10th straight triple double.

[–]KnicksIllAlwaysBeAKnickFan 298 points 14 hours ago


Becoming a Thunder legend before our eyes


Everyone calls him a “bum” and “stat padder” until he becomes available to trade


[–]Lakersrutgersjf 336 points 14 hours ago


Seriously, give the man his damn contract.

[–]Kekukoka 1195 points 16 hours ago

[–]Knicks dougprishpreed69 40 points 7 hours ago


[–][PHI] Dario Saricbrahlicious 74 points 15 hours ago

3 team deal?

[–][OKC] Nick Collisondarnclem 112 points 9 hours ago


Maybe it's foolish thinking, but I've always thought Russell would retire a Thunder

[–][OKC] Paul GeorgeIncaseAce 244 points 8 hours ago

Russell Westbrook has pretty much singlehandedly normalized triple doubles. I remember just 5 years ago, a triple double was crazy. Now it’s kind of just whatever.


Russ stands alone in history.

It is not just whatever. It is still cool as fuck, I don't care what the media or other people think, I am freaking out about it and love watching it happen year after year.

It's crazy to think that there's an 11 year old finishing out some summer day sucking on a freeze pop that's going to be part of this Paul George trade

he’s a legitimate candidate at this point, he’s really not that far off.


[–][SAS] Manu Ginobili LoneStarDeMar 1450 points 9 hours ago


[–]Warriorsborntoperform 158 points 12 hours ago

[–]Knicks BabeRuthsDad 4625 points 9 hours ago

[Post Game Thread] The Oklahoma City Thunder defeat the Portland Trailblazers , 120-111, led by triple-doubles from Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

Living in the Bay Area, and my coworker and I were talking NBA shop yesterday about who the MVP currently is, and then we started talking about WestGOAT, and he says, "Man he's such a stat padder." Like, do you fucking realize he is about to average a triple double for a season for the third straight season? At some point, reducing this to simply stat padding doesn't really answer how, aside from the Beard, no one else consistently gets even half the number of triple doubles he gets.






Just to name a few that immediately come to mind before Russ.

[–]Bulls ClaymoresRevenge 91 points 9 hours ago







No guys, Burton needs a contract.


就那支雷霆到了季前赛走不远的。他们连着被爵士、波特兰开拓者队(Portland Trail Blazers)和火箭干了。全是在第一轮。以至都没遇上过勇士。所以无论勇士是或不是平常,他们真正都未果。



Yup, but Presti loves him for some reason even though both our star players apparently expressed concern about him so I’ll be shocked if we actually get rid of him

[–][BOS] Kyrie IrvingTheRaptorsAreFrauds[S] 197 points 9 hours ago

tl;dr Westbrook is pretty fucking great.

[–]Bucks chemthethriller 475 points 8 hours ago


[–][WAS] Moses Maloneburnerfret 290 points 15 hours ago

I want him to stay but that boy has to learn how to shoot 3s.

[–]Nlyles2 201 points 8 hours ago


I would riot if we included Blake in a trade for Westbrook


[–][OKC] Paul GeorgePervy_Sensei 224 points 12 hours ago


[–][CHA] Al JeffersonDonEYeet 143 points 9 hours ago

Russ just fucking making up statistical achievements

Miami pls

[–]Thunderpbaylis 529 points 8 hours ago

[–][LAL] Lonzo Ballcwillard260 203 points 15 hours ago

i miss a few months ago

“Any player with that usage could do the same” - /r/nba on Harden and West

[–]MavericksMrKalyoncu 824 points 15 hours ago

[–]Heat Bobb_o 248 points 8 hours ago

[–]ThunderSwagMetricsGrande 36 points 8 hours ago

[–]RaptorsJacoIII 519 points 12 hours ago*2



People view the triple-double as a useless statistic since, they argue, it's just a random benchmark. The thing is: they're right. How different is a 20/10/10 season from a 20/9.5/9.5 season? Not very, it's just 41 rebounds/assists over an 82 game season.

San Antonio has like 20 guards on a 15man roster







[–][NYK] Kevin Knoxthedarkonesarehere 1750 points 9 hours ago

Actually very surprised russ hasn't done this already.


[–][OKC] Paul GeorgeIncaseAce 311 points 9 hours ago


[–]Warriors athleticshark 137 points 9 hours ago


41/24/64 split is pretty horrendous, triple double or not


Burton needs a contract NOW.


This is fucking nuts

But the fact that his Triple Double came from a Russel WB 3, after missing all fucking 5 of his attempts BADLY all night. Watching them celebrate together was so cool.

Back to back to back triple double seasons....

[–]Bulls tfbillc 75 points 8 hours ago

He looks different now. Hopefully he keeps it up. I hate that he wanted out of indy but hes looking better than ever

He has hit 7 games in a row two other times, just had trouble getting that 8th game lol


I looked at the box scores after both games expecting like 7 assists from Westbrook and 20-something from Harden but NOPE!

[–][NYK] Nate RobinsonTheKnicksHateMe 452 points 14 hours ago

[–]NBA EmmettRapaportNBA 950 points 9 hours ago

I hope we don't face them in the playoffs again. I don't think we survive this time around now that we don't have melo on our side lmao

那假使减少四分三,数据到20 8 8啊,榜单确实打开了多数:黄金年代共有6个球员总共10个赛季,参加威斯Brooke和Robertson行列里的有:Jordan、Chamberlain、哈登以致勒Brown-James,魔术师Johnson有五个赛季也能达到规定的标准那个供给,不过二个只打了37场竞赛,第叁个赛季打了77场可是和场均8个篮板只差9个篮板,很惋惜啊。

a few months back when dirk retired i asked this very sub about who would break Dirk's streak of 21 seasons of the same team and the most popular answer was Russ

[–]Trail Blazersthrillbarton 169 points 7 hours ago

This is so under rated but a Woj tweet saying AD still hasn't been traded gets 40k upvotes lol

[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook wcooper97 3200 points 9 hours ago

jesus fucking christ i love this team


[–]Trail Blazers MoDollazz 115 points 9 hours ago

Not too often you see a Wilt record fall, this is insane


san antonio detroit or miami im telling you

[–]BullsSlats7 101 points 9 hours ago

It feels like the triple-double was called overrated so often, it's become underrated.




Just like eeeevvery rose has its thorn

[–]ImNotJoshAllen 300 points 9 hours ago

I am very aware of Westbrook's flaws, but no player is perfect and this is *extraordinary*. Some players have super powers that others do not seem to possess - like Harden with his foul-drawing mastery. Westbrook's super power is the triple double.

Every earthquake has its aftershocks..


Pop would die trying to get Westbrook's BBIQ caught up to his skill level. Some of Westbrook's habits would be hard to break

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[–]Thunderpbaylis 201 points 9 hours ago

Yeah they really needed this honestly. Nate Duncan made a good point (even if a bit dickish) that PG requesting a trade gave them good cover to make a move that they should have done regardless. I hope they can put Russ in a good situation, he deserves it honestly.

who needs KD


[–]lerens9 377 points 9 hours ago

Yeah Im stoked about the PG trade. We have to wait awhile but we have a really bright future now.


Send him to the east for the love of god the West has no air to breathe

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If he pulled it off Russ would be absolutely terrifying. Imagine if Russ had been under Pop from day 1.

Pg13 and Russ are the best duo I didn't know I needed until it happened. Never thought they'd play so well together. KD/Russ may have been a great one-two punch by raw talent but PG/Russ seem to elevate each other even higher beyond just raw talent they have great chemistry on the court.

[–]Heat squeakaz0id 16 points 8 hours ago

Is it really late? He's 28 almost 29 rn, which is usually most people's peak

洛杉矶湖人队(Los Angeles Lakers)看球的粉丝:雷霆一直专长选秀啊。并且风姿浪漫旦送走Westbrook,人家还能够博得选秀签和青少年。


OKC as constructed wasn't going anywhere in the playoffs. They got blasted by Utah, Portland, and the Rockets. All in the first round. Not once did they ever face the Warriors. So whether or not the Warriors are healthy doesn't really seem to matter.

[–]Thunderdreadpirateruss 104 points 8 hours ago

[–]Celtics ssjgoat 97 points 7 hours ago



In indy PG would always have a month or two where he just played flat out dominant ball.....then he would go back to around 20ppg with 5 rebounds and a few assists.


印第安纳步行者队(印度共和国na Pacers)看球的观者:在Virginia的时候George总是有豆蔻年华到三个月打出统治品级的展现……然后就回归到20分5篮板然后多少个助攻的标准。



[–]Rockets talknojutsu312 301 points 9 hours ago

It wasn't for lack of trying. He launched the second to last shot of the game from deep trying for it.




I dont care about PG and Russ




10 straight triple doubles.

Fuck, I'm not ready for this :'(

9-1 over that span btw.

[–]Mavericks VictorAkwaowo1 1681 points 9 hours ago




[–]Wizards MasochistNbaFan 55 points 10 hours ago


这个说去迈阿密热火的,你们想过没,热火队(Miami Heat)以后7年有5个首轮签,但是已经欠了雷霆三个2021年的无保养第2轮签和2023年的乐透吝惜第一群签(到2026年才无保证)。也正是说,起码接下去4年,他们是万般无奈再无需付费地交易第二轮签了。


A lot of people underestimate his skill cause he can’t shoot very well and that is completely fair

5 years ago, I would have said this record along with 100pts & average minutes played were all unbreakable. Someone will hit 100 in the next 3 seasons. Nobody will ever beat his minutes, though.

[–]Raptors Raptors2017champs 8 points 7 hours ago

“Who cares”

I honestly thought before the PG trade and with Durant's exit and klay's injury it was a possibility they could do well this year.


[–]Thunder HolyRicardoiGuess 290 points 8 hours ago

I think the injury messed with him mentally longer than it did physically. He’s finally attacking the rim and getting to the line like he shouldve been 3 years ago.

[–]Bucks whosgeoff 1038 points 9 hours ago2


Dame literally killed the thunder

[–][CHA] Robert ParishBignova 227 points 8 hours ago


never thought any wilt record could be beaten



[–]AceJoker253 70 points 9 hours ago



He continues to go the fuck off



i miss 2012:(


[–]Thunder kamikazeguy 110 points 10 hours ago


it's not foolish at all


[–]Spurs youarebroke 144 points 10 hours ago

Paul George continues his MVP campaign: 47pts/12reb/10ast on 15/26 shooting in the win vs Portland

We didn't want your overpaid old point guard, why would we want someone elses?

Never seen a player become so much better late in his career. Staying in OKC is the best decision he has ever made for his career.



I love Westbrook

[–]Weststatejudge 30 points 9 hours ago

It's also possible they trade Westbrook and don't make the post season at all for the next decade. Not like OKC is a hotspot to FAs. Also if attendance goes down bad enough, the team might move.

Both harden and russ extended their streaks when it looked like they were gonna end lmao

[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook Swish4141 1003 points 9 hours ago


多伦多猛龙队(托罗nto Raptors)看球的观者:正如每种小卡皆有丹尼斯大舅……


What if somes picks convey late? What if those picks happen in a shit draft? What if they just miss in the draft?


[–]Lakers suckerpunch085 7 points 8 hours ago

[–][OKC] Paul GeorgeBuffaloX35 107 points 8 hours ago

[–]Lakers nchs 12 points 8 hours ago


母牛看球的粉丝:刚玩交易机的时候想到八个三方交易:雷霆、火箭和热火队(米娅mi Heat)。

[–]NBAcontinualprogress 67 points 9 hours ago


[–]Warriorsoak90 615 points 9 hours ago


Nah, PG is like 28, that's peak age. What's surprising to me is him doing this after his injury



[–]76ers hk0125 21 points 8 hours ago

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[–][HOU] Josh Smith Tacool 183 points 9 hours ago

[–]LakersPatrieauxe 64 points 8 hours ago

[–]Warriors SocialistNixon 5 points 5 hours ago

Shouts to my boy Layman getting better by the game. His growth has been the best thing about this season so far.



Just like every night has its dawn

[–]Thunder Ssumday_is_love 498 points 9 hours ago

[–][CLE] Manny Harris Swift_taco_mechanic 93 points 9 hours ago


[–]Lakers matticans7pointO 15 points 6 hours ago


For everyone saying Miami -- the Heat have 5 1st-round picks over next 7 years, but owe 1sts to OKC in 2021 (unprotected) and 2023 (lottery protected through 2025, unprotected in 2026). As a result, for at least the next 4 years, they won’t be able to trade a future 1st-round pick unconditionally until 2028.

[–]absent_name 114 points 8 hours ago

[–]Celtics rounder55 56 points 5 hours ago

Thunder about to have more draft picks than the rest of the league combined.

圣Antonio马刺队(San Antonio Spurs)看球的粉丝:是的,雷霆真的内需George那笔交易。Nate Duncan说的好,George提议交易的乞求,使得雷霆有了选用动作的好借口。希望他们能给威斯布鲁克找个好下家,他应有赢得这种待遇。

[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook BBallHunter 81 points 10 hours ago



[Wojnarowski] ESPN Sources: Russell Westbrook and his agent Thad Foucher are engaged with OKC GM Sam Presti on next steps for the All-Star guard, including the possibility of trade this summer.


[–]Mavericks sprawljawnz 85 points 8 hours ago

[–][OKC] Andre Roberson BrownStreakInMyPants 709 points 10 hours ago

They haven't won a playoff series since KD left. It's obviously time to break it all down and rebuild from the bottom up.

This team had so much talent but just couldn't do anything with it.

[–]Thunder theFriendlyDoomer 30 points 4 hours ago

[–]Raptors -super-hans 226 points 7 hours ago

The least Spurs player ever

[–]Thunder Senseisntsocommon 104 points 10 hours ago

[–]Thunder rabidbot 72 points 9 hours ago

Sounds like a coaching problem to me...

Thunder have always been a good drafting team though. And they could still get more picks/young players by trading Westbrook.

[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook Anti_Matur 47 points 9 hours ago

[–]harmonic- 30 points 9 hours ago


Jesus christ. I cant believe "Where is Kawhi going" has turned into "PG traded out of OKC and Russell Westbrook may be gone too"

印第安纳步行者队(印度na Pacers)观球的观众:确实。假设雷霆那个选秀签很靠后呢?假如那几个选秀签碰上了风流罗曼蒂克届很菜的新锐呢?要是他俩失去选秀呢?


[–]radicalheadphone 1016 points 9 hours ago

[–][POR] Kevin Duckworth IanCaesars 49 points 9 hours ago

Yeah exactly. Making the playoffs is great, but being capped out at a first round exit and a tax paying team is more depressing than a legit smart rebuild.

[–]Trail Blazers foofaw 221 points 8 hours ago


It’s a nightmare but so were 3 consecutive first round exits and nothing but 47-49 win seasons.


[–]ThugosaurusFlex_1017 55 points 8 hours ago

[–][NYK] Lance Thomas scmsf49 561 points 9 hours ago

[–]Thunder uwanmirrondarrah 657 points 8 hours ago


[–]inmybutt69696969 44 points 9 hours ago

He did us a huge favor tbh


[–]Heat Bobb_o 424 points 9 hours ago

洛杉矶湖人(Los Angeles Lakers)观球的观众:雷霆本感觉他们得以在卡哇伊决准期间当个吃瓜民众。

No one underestimates his skill. It is the other shit

迈阿密热火(Miami Heat)看球的粉丝:不,谢了。Paul是最菜的。



[–]OKC Hornets TheDharmaDude 14 points 8 hours ago

What a crazy turn of events in 24 hours for OKC

圣Antonio马刺(San Antonio Spurs)观球的观众:蠢到啥样才会说Westbrook来本身刺,他压根不搭啊



He’d look real good in Detroit next to Blake. Russ / Galloway / Kennard /Blake / Adams with Rose as 6th man and finishing games at the 2. That would be a top 4 team in the east.


Presti is never getting rid of Billy. Feels like he’s as untouchable as Pop



独行侠看球的粉丝:小编天,借使威斯布鲁克去了底特律活塞(Detroit Pistons),那就“屌”炸天了,格里芬、罗丝加威斯布鲁克,还应该有Cassie教练

[–]Nuggets Seanis 62 points 8 hours ago





波特兰开拓者队(Portland Trail Blazers)看球的客官:作者感觉经过George交易之后,Westbrook那件事儿也没啥了,你们雷蜜会意识到的,从遥远来看,这么做对球队越来越好。以往你们的建队方向更加多了。




That version of Russ would be crazy, especially since they woulda had his shot way better with the best shooting coach in the league

Before you know it, 8 years when by and you've become the Wizards


[–]Money OnTheBeat 59 points 8 hours ago


Was just playing around with the trade machine thinking of a three way trade between OKC, Houston and Miami.

[–]Thunder pinata26 403 points 9 hours ago

[–]Thunder AirJohnston 231 points 7 hours ago

And here.

[–]Mavericks throwaway25813 461 points 9 hours ago

I feel like there’s plenty of teams that would pass on Russ

湖人队(Los Angeles Lakers)观球的观众:勇士用罗素换威斯布鲁克呢!

But it always sucks to see your franchise player leave. Can't imagine what it would be like to lose Dame, so I feel for you guys.

[–]必赢娱乐官方网站,Spurs CaptainPussybeast 77 points 9 hours ago



Imagine him under Pop or Phil

And his off-ball movement would be completely different - that’s one of the most frustrating parts. Hurts his teammates so much when he just stands there.

Rockets is exactly the team Westbrook fits in the WORST.

[–][CHA] Malik Monk CLTwolf 49 points 9 hours ago

[–][NYK] Kurt Thomas The_MadStork 1253 points 10 hours ago

[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant Dongsquad420BlazeIt 62 points 9 hours ago


Honestly I know it sucks now, but you guys benefitted huge from this situation. No way you'd have got that return for George if it didn't guarantee the Clippers Kawhi. That's a historic haul, 5 firsts, 2 good players and 2 potential pick swaps.

[–]Thunder Wes___Mantooth 92 points 9 hours ago

[–]Thunder Wes___Mantooth 495 points 9 hours ago

Chris Paul to Miami. Westbrook and James Johnson to Rockets. Dragic, Gordon and picks from HOU to Thunder.


He'd be insane. Man was MVP without the help of incredible coaching. Give him one of the best coaches of all time ? its game over.

[–][OKC] Paul George hydropenguin69 10 points 9 hours ago



[–]Thunder TomagotchiPeakin 138 points 9 hours ago

No thank you. CP3 is the worst.

[–]Pacers MindofShadow 83 points 6 hours ago

So I don't agree with your assessment that it will be better in the long run since they may not even exist in the long run.

[–][POR] Damian Lillard Familyguy35 18 points 10 hours ago


Did you miss how the Heat got Jimmy Butler with having no cap space entering FA?

必赢娱乐官方网站 6

[–]Bucks whosgeoff 343 points 10 hours ago

Yeah a real bright future of a bunch of #25 draft picks


Definitely not where I thought this offseason was going. my expectations have certainly been subverted.

Certainly East


[–][CHA] Robert Parish Bignova 14 points 6 hours ago


[–]Thunder Angelsoft717 215 points 7 hours ago

I hope we send him somewhere that’s contending but idk who can afford the contract tbh...

r/nba about to be in shambles when Westbrook balls out under a competent coach



We always think we are gonna do well. Then we play lights out, followed by horrible, followed by first round exit.


[–]NBA TheAmbitious1 47 points 9 hours ago

Westbrook already balls out

[–]sharklavapit 241 points 8 hours ago

[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant tatancool 411 points 7 hours ago

bro :(

[–]Wizards LongLongIsland 69 points 5 hours ago

猛龙队(托罗nto Raptors)看球的观众:说真话,小编清楚你们现在有多不爽,可是你们本次也占了超大的方便呀。假使不是George的交易能确认保证小卡加盟洛杉矶快船(Los Angeles Clippers),你们是纯属没有办法用George换成那么多资金的。你们那可是历史性的豪礼包啊,5个第一堆、2个强援,还应该有八个选秀交换权。

多伦多猛龙队(托罗nto Raptors)观球的观众:笔者本来讲这种事已经清楚


Honestly I would take him. If we can get him for a couple of first rounders I think that makes us a 2nd tier team in the East. Plus you reunite Love and WB. If no one else wants him we should jump on this

It’s not just poor shooting, it’s poor decision making both on offense and defense. I know OKC fans hate hearing this but as good as WB is, he doesn’t necessarily play winning basketball in the playoffs where every possession is crucial.

That’s just not gonna happen. Westbrook is, in a lot of ways, set in stone as a player at this point. How easy do you think it would be to get a 31 year old former MVP that makes $40 million a year to actually move without the ball and not take so many bad shots?



雷霆观球的观众:Westbrook假若去底特律活塞(Detroit Pistons)和格里芬搭的话会很好的。威斯布鲁克、Galloway、肯Nader、Griffin、亚当斯,再加罗丝第四个人,竞赛最后打2号位。那这一个队伍能够冲进北边前四。

[–][UTA] Adam Keefe jliv60 479 points 9 hours ago


[–]EShy 11 points 7 hours ago

Man Pistons would be fucking dope to cheer for with Blake, D Rose and Westbrook with Casey.



I think he’ll actually be good as a coach for a rebuilding squad. If you guys ship westbrook I think he’d be good for a bunch of young players


I hope it will happen.

To Dubai. Only people that can afford him.

Which sucks because any other coach would've been fired. Whatever he's doing obviously isn't working.